Talking To Women – The 7 Top Interest Killers

Don’t you hate it when you can just feel the momentum fade in your interaction with a woman? If so, you might have been left many times wondering:

“What the hell just happened?”

Then you waste hours of your time worrying about what you said or did that killed the interest. Is it possible to know EXACTLY what kills the interest for women and to avoid this
kind of heartache? It is, and it begins with understanding the top seven “Interest Killers…”

#1 Ego

When it comes to success in your dating life, your ego just might be one of your worst enemies. No one likes an egotistical person, especially not a woman when she’s looking for date. Talking only about yourself, interrupting or bragging are all signs of an over active

Check yourself on these points and make sure that your ego isn’t “Edging the Girls Out.”

Tip: The best guard against this is to be a little mysterious and to get her talking more about yourself than you are talking about yourself.

#2 Neediness

This might just be the top interest killer of all time when it comes to attracting women. Yet so many men have a serious problem with being too needy. How do you need a woman to be interested in you? How bad do you need to impress her? To get her number? To get her into bed?

How available are you to her? All of these are signs that you’re too needy, and neediness is death to your momentum when it comes to landing dates…

#3 Hating Your Job

How many people have you known who absolutely hated what they did for a living? How pleasant were these people to be around and how much time did you want to spend with them?

If you’re always complaining about your job, your boss or the people you work with, you’re missing out on a LOT when it comes to your dating life.

Tip: If you hate your job, there are probably a dozen reasons why you need to start looking for something else immediately. The heart attack rate is 30% higher on Monday morning and people who have bosses that they hate are more prone to stress-related illnesses.

#4 Talking About Your Ex

This is such an interest killer. If you are someone who is in the habit of talking bad about theirr ex, stop it immediately. Just stop. No matter how bad your past relationships are, you have to remember that everyone has had bad experiences in life. No one wants to add to their complications by having to listen to someone else and the THEIR bad experiences.

#5 Indecisiveness

Women of value are looking for men who are confident and know what they want. Indecisiveness, procrastination or expecting someone else to make your decisions for you are blaring signs that you are not confident that you don’t know what you really want.

Tip: If you have fallen into the habit of indecisiveness in any area of your life, you might need to sit down and take some time to decide what you really want. This will help you cure a lot of indecisiveness and become more confident.

#6 Jealousy

Jealousy is more of a female defense mechanism than it is a male one. If you’re prone to jealousy, you’re sending a woman an indirect signal that you are lacking in security and masculinity. If you get jealous or insecure when other men are around, you need to find out why and get control of your jealousy before it destroys your dating life.

#7 Being too Interested

Yes this might sound ironic..but there is such a thing as being TOO interested in a woman.

If a woman sees that she can “have you whenever she wants,” she’s going to get bored very quickly and lose interest.

So as you learn how to attract women, be sure to check yourself on these seven and see where your weak points are. Then, get to work on changing them. This will increase your opportunities of attracting quality women into your life.

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