“Pickup 101″ Interview With Cajun [Video]

I just watched this video the other day of an interview Mark Sparks does with Cajun and its AWESOME.

Cajun is arguably one of the greatest pickup artists in the world and he drops some serious golden nuggets in this video.

Golden Nuggets

  • how to start a conversations with girls
  • how girls want to get picked up
  • how do GIRLS pick up guys (and how you can take advantage of it)
  • How to create a sexual frame so you don’t end up being the buddy buddy

…and a whole bunch of other stuff. Check it out:

Give me your thoughts – I’d love to know what you think.

It gets even MORE exciting when you start thinking about what you learned on Joshua’s video, don’t you think?


How to Please a Woman Physically and Emotionally

Do you want to know how to please a woman both physically and emotionally?

Anyone who has had any experience at all with women know that there are definitely some secrets to doing this.

This is evident in how most guys try and please their woman by going out of their way to cater to her needs, buying her gifts, structuring their lives around her…

Since you’re here I’m guessing you have discovered that that simply doesn’t work…in fact, it hurts your chances of getting with her/hurts your current relationship.

In this article I am going to go over some readily applicable tips to really attract her and build solid chemistry between the two of you.

The Hidden Truths About Attracting Women

What if I told you that the secret to pleasing a woman is to NOT go out of your way to try and please her?

This seems pretty counterintuitive, I know. But the truth is, women are frequently throwing out tests (known as shit tests in the pickup community) to see if you have a backbone or not; if you will stand for your dignity, beliefs and values or will you quickly change just to appeal to her.

It may seem like you’re doing the right thing. That you’re trying to “make her happy”. But bottom line is, women want a man who can protect them and take care of them, so they are attracted to men who have a backbone and aren’t easily “bossed” around.

A big key to knowing how to please a woman begins with knowing when she is testing you so you can stick fast to your own values and beliefs.

When you confidently stick to your own value and beliefs, your attraction value shoots up fast.

After all you’re showing the woman that you are a strong and in control man.

This is attractive.

The Emotional Side

Pleasing a woman emotionally is a perplexing task. To do so, you need to start understanding the indirect way women communicate. Guys are more logical and don’t really play any indirect communication “games”; we’re very straightforward for the most part.

Woman though are emotional and want you to see what they want by reading b/w the lines so you can meet those needs without her telling you to.

Seems like a tiring task doesn’t it? It would be unless you know what the two vital emotional needs of a woman are…

They are:
1) The need for certainty
2) The need to feel appreciated

It’s easy to tell that they are the most important if you simply pay attention to all the ads for women.

Things like make up and lotion and hair products. The corporations that write these advertisements spend millions of dollars to research what their buyers truly care about.

“FLAWLESS skin”. “BLEMISH free”.

Next time you’re confused as to what need your girl wants you to fulfill, just think to yourself: “Does she want to feel certain about something or does she want to feel appreciated/significant?”

The Physical Side

The truth is if you are able to fulfill her emotional needs and show her you have backbone (passing her shit tests), she will be very open to getting sexual with you.

In fact it’s actually been supported by many, many different people that one of the keys to making a girl orgasm is to have her emotional needs met.

So if you really want to learn how to please a woman physically, make sure her emotional needs are met.

(Remember: certainty and appreciation/significance)

The real truth is that you don’t really need to use some “special” technique in the bedroom to make her climax…what you really need is to make her emotionally satisfied so she can “give” herself to you.

I’m TELLING you. This is the way it is.

How To Overcome Approach Anxiety – Squashing That Damn Inner Demon!

The title of this post is quite obnoxious actually. Sorry about that haha. Just trying to be creative.

But listen, in this short post we’re going to talk about how to overcome approach anxiety.

I’m going to give you some mental frameworks to help you work with your approach anxiety and hopefully not have it hold you back from ever getting results.

Let’s get started.

So what is it about approaching women that gets us so damn nervous?

Do we get nervous about approaching ordinary looking girls? Usually no.

Do we get nervous about approaching guys to ask a question? No.

But we would probably feel anxious if we had to approach a big time boss of the company we want to work with.

We get nervous and anxious when we feel like there’s a possibility of rejection and the pain associated with that.

What we need to realize is that rejection is NOT toward us.

We also need to realize that beautiful women and approaching beautiful women are NOT the big deals we think they are.

How To Overcome Approach Anxiety – Remember…Rejection Is Not Toward Us

First remember that women reject our APPROACHES and NOT our actual being. I mean after all, how could they reject something they know nothing about.

Think about it this way. Imagine if you were a billionaire and a really good guy  with great values who lives a fantastic and awesome life.

You own private jets, fly across the world, have penthouses all over, get invited to the best parties BUT you’re shy and your approach with women is terrible. When you approach them, you’re body language is weak, you’re tonality is weak, and your opener is something generic (weak) like a “Hey how are you?”

Chances are you will be rejected. So let’s break it down. What was being rejected?

YOU or your APPROACH? It’s your approach.

The woman knows NOTHING about you and your billions of dollars and amazing lifestyle. They only know your approach and this is what they are rejecting.

How To Overcome Approach Anxiety – Remind Yourself…It’s Not A BIG Deal

If I told you to go tell that beautiful girl you always see at the convenience store that she just won $5,000 dollars would you be afraid?

I got news for you my friend, the value you are going to give her in terms of happiness, excitement, great sex, awesome experiences, etc, etc. is worth WAY more than $5,000 so stop being afraid.

If you don’t believe what you have to offer her is worth more than $5,000 then we got a problem. The truth is, what you have offer IS worth way more than $5,000 but if you don’t have the confidence to believe that then you probably won’t have the confidence to actually give her that value.

Confidence starts first with belief. You don’t need results to have confidence. You can have confidence purely by believing. So believe in yourself. “Fake it till you make it.”

Ok enough pep talk.

One Other Note 

We are creatures of habit. And you can actually develop the habit of overcoming approach anxiety. Make it a game. Every time you feel approach anxiety and you overcome it you win one time.

Every time you go through the process of overcoming the anxiety you are building and strengthening a neuro-pathway in your brain.

Eventually the neuro-pathway in your brain will be so solid, overcoming approach anxiety will be relatively easy to do.

In the end though…approach anxiety is an inner demon thing. Squash the pest and don’t think twice about it!

These mental frameworks and tricks really will work but bottom line is YOU need to go through the inevitable pain period. You need to make the damn decision to embrace possible rejection and relish the experience.

You need to be able to tell that little sissy side of you to go into a corner on time out.

The Art of Approaching Review

Hey guys, I felt compelled to write this review because I just read the book again and I think it would be really helpful to you to know more about this resource.

The Art of Approaching by Joseph Matthew is one of the first books on dating that I read. In fact, I am still a subscriber to his email newsletter all these years later. (I subscribed around 5 years ago).

Obviously, if you are thinking about buying this book you know that approaching a girl and starting a conversation is really nerve-wracking and one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.

This is how I felt when I bought his book all those years back. There are so many other resources for attracting and seducing a girl but they all seem to breeze over the initial approach and start of an interaction.

That’s why I want you to know about this resource. I actually don’t think I’ve seen another better training for mastering the approach than with Joseph Matthew’s “The Art of Approaching”.

Click Here To Visit Joseph’s Site

Joseph Matthews wrote ‘The Art of Approaching’ almost 10 years ago!

Since then he has updated and revised the book several times to keep up to date on what he has learned but to be honest the original copy is pretty damn good without any of the revisions.

It breakdowns the approach, starting conversations, and creating an attractive first impression in minute detail.

A Sneak Peak

He gives step by step instructions on how to approach women and why you need to do it his way.

He goes over where the best places to approach women are, the words to use, how to get over your nervousness, turning rejection around, displaying attractive body language, casual openers, situational openers and quite a few more topics.

It’s really in depth and leaves no stone unturned. The only other book I can think of that can match the depth “approach game” education is “Magic Bullets” by Nick Savoy.

Okay now this all said, this book is really for the beginners who have not mastered the approach yet.

If you can already approach women without fear, you are probably more advanced and may find the book a little elementary.

But anyone who hasn’t mastered the approach yet should not kid themselves and overlook this book.

It’s a very practical resource that you will more than likely reference to many, many times even in the future.

An Unexpected Bonus

Beyond all the practical advice on approaching Joseph Matthews (who by the way is also known as Thundercat) also included what I found as an unexpected bonus.

In fact it’s something that really stuck out to me: his story. I thought this is really relevant because it gave me a ton of hope when I first started out.

The truth is, Joe is not exactly a good looking guy (apologies Joe).

In fact, he shares how he went from being a guy that stayed in on Friday night masturbating to “Three’s Company”s Susan Summers all the way to becoming one of the most well known pickup artists in the community, getting with unbelievably hot women including a Playboy Playmate. (I actually still remember the picture he sent me.)


In conclusion if you ever felt rooted to the floor as you saw a hot woman walk by then this is definitely a book for you. The only exception is if you are now an advanced pick up artist which in that case it’s your call.

Click Here To Visit Joseph’s Site

How To Tease A Girl

How do I tease a girl? Now that’s a question that I get asked often.

So in this article I’m going to explain to you why teasing a woman generates attraction and also how to tease a woman correctly and how not to.

I am also going to give you a few canned or “scripted” teases for you to get started with immediately. So without further ado…

The Why

Teasing a woman generates attraction for a number of reasons. First off it’s because it shows that you are not putting her on a pedestal.

You are man enough to bust her balls. Next it shows that you have humor and can create a light playful energy between you and her (this is attractive).

Finally, it shows that you can have fun and not take things so seriously.

The How (and How Not)

An effective tease should be humorous, playful and light. It should never be an insult. (Obviously, but many guys end up insulting a girl when they’re teasing.

Teasing can be done through words and/or with your body.

Any normal time circumstance is a good time to tease a little bit (don’t go teasing when she just had a bad day).

Just don’t overdo it otherwise you’ll come off as immature. No bueno (no good).

The idea behind teasing her is to just bust her balls lightly about something she does or something she says.

Try not to tease a woman on her appearance or fashion because they put a lot of time into it and it will hurt their feelings. The caveat is if it’s some physical quirk they do such as wiggling their nose when they laugh.

You can also tease a girl by punking them such as putting your hand out for a high five and then pulling it away when they go for it. Then doing it again and pulling away again.

And then doing it again and…[at this point she'll probably refuse to go for it], at this point you should just pull her in for a hug while saying “why nooottt, commee hereeee.”

Remember to keep it light, friendly and funny. Feel her out. If she isn’t laughing and having a good time then finish the tease quicker and move on.

Actually a rule for teasing is to not really wait for a response. Throw the tease and then move on. (Usually you’ll be moving on with the conversation AS she is responding to your tease i.e. laughing.)

Ideas For You To Use!

-You and your girl are walking together side by side. You have a big bag of chips in your hand (you’re eating it). Tilt the bag towards her as to ask her if she wants some. (Don’t say anything just offer the bag to her). Then as she reaches inside the bag to grab some chips, move is down slightly so that although her hand is still in the bag, the chips are just slightly out of her reach.

She’ll probably laugh. This is when you bring the bag of chips up again. She’ll try again to reach for the chips. This is when you lower the bag out of her reach again. Finally give it to her.

-Say I hate you while smiling and giving her a big hug.

-Putting your hand out for a high five and pulling away.

-When she does something funny say “You’re so cute”.

-If she trips, smile and say “you’re such a klutz”.

Be creative and come up with some of your own. Just be careful to not go overboard however. Too much and you’ll just end up being a clown. Just like anything in life, switching things up is key. In this particular case, switch off between teasing and more “real”, “heart to heart” talk. It will work wonders.