How to Please a Woman Physically and Emotionally

Do you want to know how to please a woman both physically and emotionally?

Anyone who has had any experience at all with women know that there are definitely some secrets to doing this.

This is evident in how most guys try and please their woman by going out of their way to cater to her needs, buying her gifts, structuring their lives around her…

Since you’re here I’m guessing you have discovered that that simply doesn’t work…in fact, it hurts your chances of getting with her/hurts your current relationship.

In this article I am going to go over some readily applicable tips to really attract her and build solid chemistry between the two of you.

The Hidden Truths About Attracting Women

What if I told you that the secret to pleasing a woman is to NOT go out of your way to try and please her?

This seems pretty counterintuitive, I know. But the truth is, women are frequently throwing out tests (known as shit tests in the pickup community) to see if you have a backbone or not; if you will stand for your dignity, beliefs and values or will you quickly change just to appeal to her.

It may seem like you’re doing the right thing. That you’re trying to “make her happy”. But bottom line is, women want a man who can protect them and take care of them, so they are attracted to men who have a backbone and aren’t easily “bossed” around.

A big key to knowing how to please a woman begins with knowing when she is testing you so you can stick fast to your own values and beliefs.

When you confidently stick to your own value and beliefs, your attraction value shoots up fast.

After all you’re showing the woman that you are a strong and in control man.

This is attractive.

The Emotional Side

Pleasing a woman emotionally is a perplexing task. To do so, you need to start understanding the indirect way women communicate. Guys are more logical and don’t really play any indirect communication “games”; we’re very straightforward for the most part.

Woman though are emotional and want you to see what they want by reading b/w the lines so you can meet those needs without her telling you to.

Seems like a tiring task doesn’t it? It would be unless you know what the two vital emotional needs of a woman are…

They are:
1) The need for certainty
2) The need to feel appreciated

It’s easy to tell that they are the most important if you simply pay attention to all the ads for women.

Things like make up and lotion and hair products. The corporations that write these advertisements spend millions of dollars to research what their buyers truly care about.

“FLAWLESS skin”. “BLEMISH free”.

Next time you’re confused as to what need your girl wants you to fulfill, just think to yourself: “Does she want to feel certain about something or does she want to feel appreciated/significant?”

The Physical Side

The truth is if you are able to fulfill her emotional needs and show her you have backbone (passing her shit tests), she will be very open to getting sexual with you.

In fact it’s actually been supported by many, many different people that one of the keys to making a girl orgasm is to have her emotional needs met.

So if you really want to learn how to please a woman physically, make sure her emotional needs are met.

(Remember: certainty and appreciation/significance)

The real truth is that you don’t really need to use some “special” technique in the bedroom to make her climax…what you really need is to make her emotionally satisfied so she can “give” herself to you.

I’m TELLING you. This is the way it is.