Magic Bullets Handbook Review – Find Out Exactly What’s Inside

Hey guys,

Magic Bullets Handbook by Nick Savoy is basically the bible of attracting women. The system/model inside the Magic Bullets Handbook is the model that almost the entire pickup community has based their teachings off of.

A Quick History Of The Book

The model in the handbook called the Emotional Progression Model is the evolved form of the Mystery Method which is the original gold standard model of pickup.

The model is the compilation of knowledge from the world’s best pickup artists like Nick Savoy.

This book is one of the must read books so instead of giving a normal review I’m just going to give you the table of contents.

You have no choice but to read this book my friend haha. Seriously though, you’d be a fool if you don’t read this book.

Your understanding of the game and about attraction and seduction simply won’t be complete.

If you’re a beginner though, my advice is to first have read a good introduction book before this book. Something like ‘Double Your Dating‘ or ‘The Art of Approaching‘.

This is because this book is really, really in depth and from personal experience I found it a little overwhelming at first.

My thoughts when I first found this book (at the time known as The Venusian Arts Handbook) was, “Nah, that’s too friggin’ complicated”.

Read some more technique based/lighter books like Double Your Dating and get some experience first. But whatever you do, check out their page right now and bookmark the site because you will want to come back to it no matter what.

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What It Covers

Part I: Foundations

How To Use This Book

A Simple System You Can Use Tonight

Female psychology – how a woman’s mind is wired and how to use that to your advantage when attracting them

Part II: Overview of the Emotional Progression Model

Approaching (starting a conversation with a woman without getting rejected)

Transitioning (Transitioning from an approach based question like “what do you think about such and such” to having a normal conversation suited for generating attraction)

Generating Attraction (making her want you

Qualifying (making a girl win your approval)

Comfort (developing a deeper connection, rapport and chemistry with a woman; kissing and physical escalation is also covered here.)

Seduction (Starting a sexual relationship with a woman)

Relationships (How to maintain a passionate, sexual, and fun relationship)

Part III: Context

Direct Game (How to attract a women without using roundabout openers like “Hey what do you think of such and such”. As the name suggests it’s about being more direct)

Social Circle (cultivating a sexy social circle and gaming girls within it)

Day Game (Meeting and attracting women in a daytime setting as opposed to say a club or lounge)

Strip Clubs (getting with strippers)

Part IV: Skills

Physical Progression (Getting more and more physical)

Dates (having dates that make you more attractive and get you laid as opposed to making you look lame)


Non-verbal Communication


Fashion & Grooming

Winging (How to have your friend “wingman or winggirl” effectively help you attract a women)

Phone Game


The Magic Bullet Handbook is a must read if you’re serious about becoming extremely great with women. It’s a textbook of information and an amazing reference that you’ll come to look at again and again as you game girls.

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2nd Chance Review

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Hey guys, this blog was created primarily for teaching you how to attract women but I am aware that some of my newsletter subscribers and viewers of this site wish to get back with their ex, rekindle lost passion, and things along those lines.

The best resource I can point you to for that is to go check out

In the meantime I wrote this 2nd Chance Review because I think it is a great resource for those who do wish to repair previous/current relationships.

I hope this review will show you whether your current situation will benefit from reading the book or not.

Like usual, remember that the secret ingredient to making this resource effective is YOU taking action on what you learn.

Without further ado, here is a break down of Mirabelle Summers’s 2nd Chance.

An Overall Look And Highlights

For the most part, when we go through breakups it always seems like there is no hope of getting back together ESPECIALLY when the woman is breaking up with US.

In fact this is pretty evident considering much of the advice given to those just dumped center around ways to piece your emotions and life back to normal.

Obviously there’s another set of actions you can do as well and that is to plead, beg, and cling to your ex in hopes that she’ll come back.

Frankly this is stupid because it just lowers your value and makes you look weak.

But still, I can definitely understand why people would do this (emotions), but it’s ineffective and humiliating.

What you need to do immediately is to reposition yourself. That’s what this book is about. It gives you step by step instructions to reposition yourself as someone with high value and also as someone who has emerged from past mistakes as a stronger, better person.

The book also teaches you how to suppress your emotional urges to just beg for her which, by the way, lowers your value faster than she can say “I knew you were a loser and I definitely made the right choice to move on”.

2nd Chance is structured in 6 steps with each step helping you succeed in a certain area. From getting past mourning to regaining self confidence and her trust to creating attraction inside her to compelling her to get back with you fast.

In fact, after applying these steps, you may very soon find yourself in the “upper hand” ground.

I can’t see why you would but you will probably end up being the one deciding if you and her should get back together.

Here is an inside look at other “ah-ha!” moments inside this book.

-What to do when she straight out ignores you when you try to contact her.

-How to completely get out of the “let’s just be friends ok?” group.

-What to do after she’s moved on already and you still want her.

-How to deal with your ex who acts emotionally indifferent and uncaring towards you.

-The REAL steps to take when you think she doesn’t love you anymore.

I also have to say, this book was definitely made more insightful because it is a woman who wrote it.

Normally I think most women’s perspectives on “what attracts them” is pretty much misleading BS (they usually have NO clue what attracts them), Mirabelle Summers is definitely not one of those women.

She doesn’t write on a very surface level way at all (the “just show her you care” bs) and that’s one of the big reasons I like this book.

She goes really in depth in her instructions and the end result is that you know exactly why girls fall in love (and out), and what to do to compel your ex to fall back in love with you.


One final note before I conclude this review is to mention the bonuses Mirabelle gives.

Usually bonuses are thrown together quickly to seemingly “add value” but I felt her 2 bonuses were actually really great. (Yes, I’m surprised!)

They are about happiness and dealing with breakup emotional pain. Really good stuff.

In fact I really think these bonuses themselves will help you out tremendously.

If you feel like this can help your current situation go ahead to the 2nd Chance Review page and grab a copy.

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Fireworks With Females Review

Hey guys, I’ve recently gotten the chance to check out ‘Fireworks with Females’ by Slade Shaw. It was a pretty good read and I wanted to write this review for you so you can see whether or not it will help out with your current circumstances.

Many people often wonder how they could learn about relationships and attracting women through a book. Well the reality is, you can. Books are a great way for people who are successful to share what they know with you.

It’s really easy to see how it’s a BIG shortcut to read proven techniques rather than going through trial and error yourself…as long as the person who is teaching you knows what he/she is talking about AND you TAKE ACTION.

Nobody can guarantee you’ll take action but yourself but I can at least give you a review of great resources.

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The History Behind It

Slade Shaw (the author) was the same way we once were or still am. He had an extremely difficult time getting girls. He always saw these guys who were “naturally” good with women and just couldn’t understand how they did it.

It is so simple to quickly write off that some people are just good with women and some people just aren’t. But ‘Fireworks with Females’ proves this to be untrue and in fact, if you’re thinking this, you’re sabotaging your success.

Inside the book, Slade explains in detail the painful process he had to go through to learn exactly what it took to attract women; a whole lot of very painful trial and error.

What he discovered was that the principles to making women want you is not some elusive, complex formula that only a select few can learn.

In fact, the principles are simple once you know exactly how and what to apply.

The guys who are “naturally” amazing with women apply these all the time, they just don’t know they do it and it’s difficult to see exactly what the principles are by just watching “naturals”.

Slade Shaw did just that though. He spent a ton of time watching those naturally good with women and applying what he thought worked.

Eventually after much trial and error he discovered exactly what worked to attract women and he recorded his results in the form of his book ‘Fireworks with Females’.

Fireworks with Females Goes Beyond Dating And Women

One reason I really liked this book was because Slade goes beyond dating principles and into deeper personal development.

I’ve always been a believer that to attract beautiful women into our lives we need to first be attractive ourselves. And that means going deeper inside ourselves and our own personal development.

Most men think it’s just about techniques, routines or lines but ‘Fireworks with Females’ will show you why this should NOT be your primary focus and what to actually focus on to create more intense attraction inside a women than any line or routine ever will.

Here is a sneak preview of a few golden nuggets you will learn and the various other “ah-ha!” moments you will get from this book.

I like how Slade goes into the real reasons most men kill their chances to generate attraction inside a women. He also reveals the under the radar words women use that let you know whether she is attracted or not.

I found this especially interesting because up until reading this book, I’ve generally only looked for body language signs.

Slade also goes into other specific techniques like how to use your voice tone in a way that attracts women.


This book was definitely a great read. I think if you are looking to really master the art of attracting women and increasing your options then the ideas and insights in this book should definitely be a part of your arsenal.

Just makes sure you’re ready for some difficult ‘ah-ha!’ moments when you realize some mistakes that you have been making.

Remember to take action!

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The Art of Approaching Review

Hey guys, I felt compelled to write this review because I just read the book again and I think it would be really helpful to you to know more about this resource.

The Art of Approaching by Joseph Matthew is one of the first books on dating that I read. In fact, I am still a subscriber to his email newsletter all these years later. (I subscribed around 5 years ago).

Obviously, if you are thinking about buying this book you know that approaching a girl and starting a conversation is really nerve-wracking and one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.

This is how I felt when I bought his book all those years back. There are so many other resources for attracting and seducing a girl but they all seem to breeze over the initial approach and start of an interaction.

That’s why I want you to know about this resource. I actually don’t think I’ve seen another better training for mastering the approach than with Joseph Matthew’s “The Art of Approaching”.

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Joseph Matthews wrote ‘The Art of Approaching’ almost 10 years ago!

Since then he has updated and revised the book several times to keep up to date on what he has learned but to be honest the original copy is pretty damn good without any of the revisions.

It breakdowns the approach, starting conversations, and creating an attractive first impression in minute detail.

A Sneak Peak

He gives step by step instructions on how to approach women and why you need to do it his way.

He goes over where the best places to approach women are, the words to use, how to get over your nervousness, turning rejection around, displaying attractive body language, casual openers, situational openers and quite a few more topics.

It’s really in depth and leaves no stone unturned. The only other book I can think of that can match the depth “approach game” education is “Magic Bullets” by Nick Savoy.

Okay now this all said, this book is really for the beginners who have not mastered the approach yet.

If you can already approach women without fear, you are probably more advanced and may find the book a little elementary.

But anyone who hasn’t mastered the approach yet should not kid themselves and overlook this book.

It’s a very practical resource that you will more than likely reference to many, many times even in the future.

An Unexpected Bonus

Beyond all the practical advice on approaching Joseph Matthews (who by the way is also known as Thundercat) also included what I found as an unexpected bonus.

In fact it’s something that really stuck out to me: his story. I thought this is really relevant because it gave me a ton of hope when I first started out.

The truth is, Joe is not exactly a good looking guy (apologies Joe).

In fact, he shares how he went from being a guy that stayed in on Friday night masturbating to “Three’s Company”s Susan Summers all the way to becoming one of the most well known pickup artists in the community, getting with unbelievably hot women including a Playboy Playmate. (I actually still remember the picture he sent me.)


In conclusion if you ever felt rooted to the floor as you saw a hot woman walk by then this is definitely a book for you. The only exception is if you are now an advanced pick up artist which in that case it’s your call.

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Double Your Dating Review

One of the best resources I’ve ever come across for learning to attract women is David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating ebook.

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David DeAngelo is a really funny writer. I love his style. It made his book a most enjoyable read. Really solid and applicable content.

In addition to a solid understanding of women psychology, I also got some word for word lines that I use frequently with women.

One of them is: Next time a woman makes a really emotional statement, look at her and say “How do you REALLY feel about that?”

Haha, I’ve been using that line since I read the book over 5 years ago and it still never fails to make the girl laugh.

Anyways I figured I would write a Double Your Dating review to give you a clear picture of what the book is all about and whether it will benefit you.

Keep in mind, what I write is based off my own experiences with the book and what results I really think you can expect from reading and applying what’s in the book.

How and Why Is It Unlike Other Dating Books

Right off the bat, I connected with David DeAngelo’s personality which jumped out of the pages.

It’s so obvious that he is someone who knows what he is talking about and has practiced his skills A LOT.

One of the most “ah-ha!” moments I got when I read the book was the real reason girls will tell you they just want a “nice guy” but be secretly attracted to other types of men.

He gives such a clear explanation of what it really takes to attract women.

In fact, a lot of what I have come to know about attraction triggers started with David DeAngelo’s breakdown of female psychology and attraction.

There’s no way you’ll be confused about what it takes to attract women after reading the book. There’s just no way.

I remember one of the defining moments when reading the book was when I read “Attraction is not a choice“. That did it for me.

At that time, I was lacking in confidence, didn’t think I looked good enough, was tall enough and all that nonsense but reading that line was a turning point to changing my whole dating life around.

The book put right in my face why my interactions with women had sucked in the past.

Bottom line is this book has so much eye opening information it’s not even funny.

Some parts were almost embarrassing to read because it was like he was talking directly to me and pointing out certain mistakes I had been doing wrong when trying to make girls like me.

I started becoming aware of all these small details that I had never paid any attention to. Some of these things were freakin’ killing my attraction value in girls’ eyes but I didn’t know about them.

The only negative thing I have to say about the book is that it’s somewhat incomplete.

It didn’t given a complete step by step structure like in the Magic Bullets Handbook.

The book was more a compilation of ideas that you can apply.

More like a reference book, less like an instruction manual.

Personally, I would have appreciated a step by step model to follow which I later discovered in the emotional progression model (taught in Magic Bullets), but Double Your Dating definitely gave me a great introduction to all that I was doing wrong (plus specific lines and techniques).

And at the time of reading, I was doing A LOT wrong haha.

But look you actually HAVE to read this book one way or another. Case closed lol. This book along with Magic Bullets (formerly Mystery Method), and Real World Seduction were the three MAIN books that blew me the hell away.

You just have to read those three books. No way around it.

A Sneak Peak Of What You’ll Learn

-What attracts women, why these things attract women, and then what you have to do to generate attraction. (Starts with the first contact)

-How to go about your first 3 dates with a women so that you actually get sexual with her.

-Controlling interactions with women, making them laugh and maintaining easy, fun conversation.


Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo was one of the books that really “did it for me”. This is one of the three books I can’t say enough about.

You know what I am going to say. Get the damn book lol. Here’s his site link. You can find the book in his course catalog.

You know I care about your success, and this is not a book you cannot overlook.

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