How To Attract Younger Women

If you want to know how to attract younger women you’re in good hands  because it’s really a lot easier than you think.

Here are a few simple, actionable and most importantly, effective steps for you to take.

1. You Need A Different Perspective…A Different Approach! 

You need to approach younger woman with a different mindset. You need to know how they think and what attracts them to a man.

For one thing, younger women for the most part don’t need/want as much certainty.

“Mystery” is your friend here. You don’t want to be totally upfront about who you are and what you feel about them (younger women) because it will bore their wits out. Stay mysterious about yourself.

Also watch how you display your interest in her. Remember to stay mysterious.

Keep her guessing so that you stay on her mind.

2. Don’t Think You’re At A Disadvantage

You’re not at a disadvantage being an older man!  Your maturity, experience of the world, and depth of knowledge is sexy and attractive.

The missing ingredient is a bit of edge, fun and excitement…a little “boyishness”.

Being manly, mature and worldly mixed with edginess, fun, and childlike spirit is a powerful and irresistible combination.

Take Clark Gable for example. For those of you who don’t know who he is, Clark Gable is an old Hollywood actor. The following quote this one woman said of him epitomizes how to attract younger women:

“He was as masculine as any man I’ve ever known, and as much a little boy as a grown man could be – it was this combination that had such a devastating effect on women.”

I remember this particular scene in a movie where Gable was with a women pulling on this rope, trying to pull something up I believe, when the rope snapped and they both fell back into the shallow river they were standing in.

Both of them started laughing; carefree, childlike fun. But then Gable turns to the woman and loses the boyish vibe and energy. Instead he gazes deep into her eyes while having this smooth smile (almost like a smirk) on his face.

The energy and vibe he started giving off can only be described as: masculine. For the record, he kisses her soon after.

Another note: 

Get current. Remember age is only in the mind. Now, don’t overdo it and become some teenager wannabe but do fun things.

Get in touch with your adventurous and youthful side. Rock climbing, mountain biking, sailing, concerts, shows, events, etc.

Be honest with yourself: Do you live an adventurous and fun life?

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3. Cultivate Social Proof And Value

One of the most powerful attraction switches inside a woman is the switch of social proof a.k.a. pre-selection.

Women are biologically hardwired to be attracted to men that other women seem to be displaying interest in. In fact, we all have an internal hardwiring that makes us see pre-selected individuals as high value.

This is why celebrities have the effect that they do. They’re pre-selected.

Tom Cruise walks into a club and everyone surrounds him. This gives him what is known as social proof. Even the people who don’t know about Tom Cruise, are asking themselves, “Who is that guy? Because he definitely has it going on…”

So how does this apply to you? Well social proof is an older man’s easiest attraction trigger to flip. You’re older and your network’s bigger.

When you go out to meet women, have a few attractive female friends with you. Younger women and all women for that matter who see you surrounded by attractive females (doesn’t matter if they’re just friends) will INSTANTLY label you as someone who is pre-selected and has high social value.

They will undoubtedly be attracted or at least curious. If you don’t believe this, watch the difference in reception when you approach a younger woman AFTER she has seen you surrounded by attractive women and BEFORE. It’s a night and day difference.

Action Steps

  1. 1. Review in your head what I said about having a different perspective
  2. 2. Remind yourself that being older is an advantage!
  3. 3. Get in touch with your youthfulness, become worldlier, get current on trends, and do fun things.
  4. 4. Watch Clark Gables (Role model him)
  5. 5. Find a few friends (preferably attractive women) and get out there! ;]

Remember this quote when you’re thinking about how to attract younger women:

“He was as masculine as any man I’ve ever known, and as much a little boy as a grown man could be – it was this combination that had such a devastating effect on women.”

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