How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

This is an introduction to how to make a girl fall in love with you. In many ways, this article is an introduction to this site. This is site is all about mastering the art of attraction and love. Good luck my friend!

So there’s that girl. That girl.

She has you lovestruck and you want to know how to make her fall in love with you. You’re at the right place =]

Now I’m not going claim that what you’ll learn will DEFINITELY make her fall in love with you but I can guarantee that if you apply what I teach you here and on this site, chances are she will.

You will be WAY ahead of the other men (chumps) who are trying to get with her. Be prepared to hear her telling her friends, “[Your name], he’s just so different from all the other guys.” ;-]

Without further ado…

The first thing you have to start doing is to learn to be the prize. I first learned about this concept from the pick up artist Swinggcat. Being the prize really just means being the one with higher value. Being the chooser instead of the chosen. Being the selector instead of the selectee.

The great business philosopher Jim Rohn once said, “Success is something we attract by becoming an attractive person. It’s not something we pursue.”

This is the same with attracting beautiful women. We attract them… we don’t pursue them.

This is why we don’t try to “buy” their affection, attraction or love by buying tons of gifts for them.

We must position ourselves as the prize that they want to win over and seduce. We go into more detail on how to do this in future articles, but in the mean time here is one thing you may be doing that is KILLING your image of being the prize; KILLING your chances of being her lover…

The “Nice Guy” Syndrome

The nice guy needs to go. More accurately the submissive, cater to, agree with everything a beautiful woman says, “nice guy” inside you… needs to go. Tell him to go sit in the corner on timeout.

Beautiful women feel intense attraction toward those men who give them a sense of safety and security…but excitement at the same time. The bottom line is nice guys who do everything a beautiful woman wants does not fit this bill.

I mean just think: Would someone who did everything the way you wanted them to make you feel safe? What feeling does this person give you, a feeling of strength and fortitude or a feeling of flimsiness and weakness?

Chances are if someone is submissive, they don’t really stand up for themselves either.

Add this to the fact that women need a man who will protect her, and it’s easy to see why being the nice guy is horrible positioning for attracting women.

So “no more Mr. nice guy” is probably one of the most important dating tips for men you’ll ever learn…

I actually split this piece on how to make a girl fall in love with you into several pieces. (I know how discouraging it can be to see a HUGE page you have to read.)

But I do want to drive this point and a few more key points home though so right now you want to check my article, Guide To Flirting. I’ve included a video inside that article that I think illustrates the nice guy syndrome quite nicely.

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