How To Start Conversation With A Girl

Learning how to start conversation with a girl can be really frustrating at times. I mean, how do you do it??

I remember when I first started learning this dating stuff, it seemed impossible and downright nerve-wracking to start conversations with a girl. It was maddening.

But since then, I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about how to start conversation with a girl.

I’m talking about starting great conversations on the fly without the use of cheesy pick up lines or generic “how are you’s”.

I want you to develop the ability to start a conversation with a girl anytime you want.

Without further ado…

How To Start Conversation With A Girl

by Vance Lau

A couple notes to begin with: 

-Talk louder – work on your voice tonality. Speak from your chest instead of your throat or your naval. Put your hand on your chest and speak. You hand should vibrate strongly when you speak through your chest. A smooth and powerful voice is very attractive and seductive to women.

-Resonate – speaking softly conveys lack of confidence.

-Don’t be so serious – have fun, smile, be at ease. You being serious will compel her to get all serious…

-Part of the reason we’re afraid to start conversation with a girl is because we don’t know where to go from there.

Don’t try and plan the conversation so much. If you read “How To Win Friends & Influence People” like I always suggest then you know that truly listening is a huge key to connecting with people.

If you truly listen and have the ability to ask skilled questions you won’t have any trouble flowing through a powerful conversation.

In any case, if continuing a conversation is what’s stopping you from starting a conversation with a girl read my article “How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl” right now

The Truth ABout How To Start Conversation With A Girl

Look the truth is, starting a conversation with a girl is pretty damn easy. There’s no magic line needed.

You can ask her for an opinion on something, say hi in a confident way, ask her for directions, make a funny comment on a shared situation, ask her where she bought something, ask her to help you out with something (ex. when you’re shopping for cologne as her which cologne smells better), the list goes on.

But here is the KEY.

You need to be under the radar. (Most of the time)

You see, starting a conversation with a girl is easy. It’s all up to you. BUT having the conversation continue is the more difficult part. Generally, the main thing you have to avoid doing is to come off as trying to hit on her.

That’s it!

As long as you don’t look like you’re trying to hit on her, she will be more than welcome to your good energy, smile and personality. (Assuming you do have good energy, smile and personality)

After all, everybody likes good vibe.

The only issue is that beautiful girls are hit on all freakin’ day so if you come off as if you’re trying to hit on her, you may very well be rejected.

So really the key to starting a conversation with a girl is to say something and then quickly throw in a time constraint and possibly a disqualifier.

Ex. of a time constraint:

Very soon after you say something (anything) make sure to saying something like “I have to get going in a second but blah blah blah”.

This will take her from thinking “when’s he going to leave” to actually paying attention to what you have to say. This gives you the time needed to charm her and make her want you to stay.

On Disqualifiers

A disqualifier is something that makes it seem to the girl that you’re not hitting on her. Asking an opinion has a built in disqualifier. (You’re just asking for an opinion). Saying “hey” does not have a built in disqualifier.

If you’re first starting out, just stick with asking for an opinion or commenting on situations. This way you have a built in disqualifier and you’re able to continue the conversation without the woman thinking you’re trying to hit on her.

If you’re more advanced and you’re able to move the conversation along really quickly. Say something like, “oh we’re going to be great friendsor “too bad you’re not my type otherwise we’d so hit it off”.

Okay guys I hope this article served as a good intro to how to start conversations with women.

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