Learn How To Pick Up Women

So you want to learn how to pick up women? Welcome to the right place ! First I want to commend you for being here. You’re about to learn what 90% of the male population has no idea about.

It’s actually pretty sad to see. Most men will go out to crash and burn with lame pick up attempts but never do anything about it. But you’re different. You’re not settling for less. Let’s get started.

The first step to learn how to pick up women is to understand what skills you need to know.

You need to know:

1. How to approach, connect and create chemistry with women on a deep level.

2. How to add spice and sexual tension to the relationship so you don’t end up in the friend zone.

3. How to physically escalate smoothly from the first touch to “closing the deal”.

4. (Optional I Suppose): How to maintain an exciting and fulfilling relationship

Keep these goals in mind as you set out to learn how to pick up women.

To get you started I’m going to give you some key actions you can implement immediately.


Kill Approaching Nervousness

Approaching a women may get you all nervous but here’s how you keep that nervousness as subdued as possible. Stop thinking you’re pursuing women and stop thinking you’re trying to get something out of it (number, date, kiss, sex, etc).

AND START…thinking about attracting women by being an attractive person. Start thinking about adding value into her life. Would you be afraid to tell a beautiful woman that she just won a 2-week vacation on a 5-star cruise? Uh…no.

Well I got news for you! The value you’re going to add to her life is going to be WAY more than some 2-week vacation. You’re going to make her laugh, make her feel understood, take her on adventures, have great sex with her…believe me, if she were to pay you for the value you’re about to add to her life, she probably couldn’t afford it.

This is how you have to start thinking! That little voice inside your head keeps telling you you’re lying to yourself? Tell him to STFU.

We’re human beings, we all have self-doubts and insecurities but if you want to learn how to pick up women, this is truly the first step. Fake it till you make it!

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Creating Chemistry And Attraction 

Creating chemistry and attraction, contrary to what most men do, is NOT about complimenting her on her looks (in fact I advise to almost never compliment her on her looks if she is attractive…ever), asking her where she’s from, what she does, blah blah, blah.

Then they go straight for the “kill” and ask her on a date or for her phone number.


Two things are done wrong here:

1) They are connecting on a very surface level and there is no attraction created

You can start with surface level questions, what I call “Facebook profile questions”, but be sure to go into each subject on a deeper emotional level.


Ex. You: What do you like doing in the summer? Her: I like sailing.

Instead of asking another surface level question like do you go parasailing too? Or what type of sailboat do you sail? Try…

You: Wow that’s really neat. I’ve never been sailing before. I bet it feels so great to be out in the open water like that. Tell me more. I’m interested. What does it feel like to sail?


2) They show they are interested right away…BEFORE the woman shows interest.

This is a big mistake because it gives the implication that you are the one trying to win her over and remember what we said about not being the pursuer?

Try instead to create a sense of mystery, masculinity and playfulness to attract them to you.

Women are attracted to those qualities. So how do you do this? Do this by communicating indirectly and using mixed signals.

Instead of showing blatantly that you are interested in them, start giving off smaller, more subtle signs such as light touches when you are vibing with them, small playful punches that hint that you might feel attracted to her…it makes her think you may like her but she’s not certain of it…

Another thing you can do is to use mixed signals. A very basic technique is to send one message through your language and another simultaneously through your body language.

Ex. Hugging her and saying “I hate you” in a playful way.

Get creative with it!

You just read some key basics. Now go out there and apply it. You MUST apply and practice. There’s no getting around it. Good luck!

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