Magic Bullets Handbook Review – Find Out Exactly What’s Inside

Hey guys,

Magic Bullets Handbook by Nick Savoy is basically the bible of attracting women. The system/model inside the Magic Bullets Handbook is the model that almost the entire pickup community has based their teachings off of.

A Quick History Of The Book

The model in the handbook called the Emotional Progression Model is the evolved form of the Mystery Method which is the original gold standard model of pickup.

The model is the compilation of knowledge from the world’s best pickup artists like Nick Savoy.

This book is one of the must read books so instead of giving a normal review I’m just going to give you the table of contents.

You have no choice but to read this book my friend haha. Seriously though, you’d be a fool if you don’t read this book.

Your understanding of the game and about attraction and seduction simply won’t be complete.

If you’re a beginner though, my advice is to first have read a good introduction book before this book. Something like ‘Double Your Dating‘ or ‘The Art of Approaching‘.

This is because this book is really, really in depth and from personal experience I found it a little overwhelming at first.

My thoughts when I first found this book (at the time known as The Venusian Arts Handbook) was, “Nah, that’s too friggin’ complicated”.

Read some more technique based/lighter books like Double Your Dating and get some experience first. But whatever you do, check out their page right now and bookmark the site because you will want to come back to it no matter what.

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What It Covers

Part I: Foundations

How To Use This Book

A Simple System You Can Use Tonight

Female psychology – how a woman’s mind is wired and how to use that to your advantage when attracting them

Part II: Overview of the Emotional Progression Model

Approaching (starting a conversation with a woman without getting rejected)

Transitioning (Transitioning from an approach based question like “what do you think about such and such” to having a normal conversation suited for generating attraction)

Generating Attraction (making her want you

Qualifying (making a girl win your approval)

Comfort (developing a deeper connection, rapport and chemistry with a woman; kissing and physical escalation is also covered here.)

Seduction (Starting a sexual relationship with a woman)

Relationships (How to maintain a passionate, sexual, and fun relationship)

Part III: Context

Direct Game (How to attract a women without using roundabout openers like “Hey what do you think of such and such”. As the name suggests it’s about being more direct)

Social Circle (cultivating a sexy social circle and gaming girls within it)

Day Game (Meeting and attracting women in a daytime setting as opposed to say a club or lounge)

Strip Clubs (getting with strippers)

Part IV: Skills

Physical Progression (Getting more and more physical)

Dates (having dates that make you more attractive and get you laid as opposed to making you look lame)


Non-verbal Communication


Fashion & Grooming

Winging (How to have your friend “wingman or winggirl” effectively help you attract a women)

Phone Game


The Magic Bullet Handbook is a must read if you’re serious about becoming extremely great with women. It’s a textbook of information and an amazing reference that you’ll come to look at again and again as you game girls.

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