PUA Negs: Create Attraction, Set Yourself Apart, And Make Her Chase You…All With About 4 Words. (Here’s How To Do It!)

PUA negs or pick up artist negs are light insults wrapped in a compliment given to an exceptionally beautiful woman in the hopes of “setting you apart” from most men who just compliment her/kiss her ass. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

In short a pua neg should accomplish the following:

1. Set you apart from most men who kiss her ass and put her on a pedestal

2. Lower’s the woman’s defenses

3. Deflate a beautiful woman’s “big” head (ego)

4. Compel her to try and win you over.


It’s primarily an attraction technique. When used correctly a pua neg is really powerful but if used incorrectly the woman will just think you’re not socially savvy + that you’re an asshole.


Let’s go over some guidelines to pua negs.

1. A pua neg is NOT an insult.

2. A pua neg should not be harsh.

Pua negs should be a genuine remark (it can be funny or not) that points out an imperfection about a woman. Try not to have it canned. No woman is perfect so you don’t really have to have negs memorized.

Just throw a straightforward remark as you would to a loved one. Something like whispering to her “you have an eye crusty”.

Negs should be thrown out before quickly moving on. Do NOT throw one and wait for a response because she will feel compelled to defend herself especially if she is around her friends. Throw it and move on with the conversation.

Some negs should just be between you and her. A neg like “you have an eye crusty” should NOT be used in a group setting. She’ll resent you for it.

Other types can be used in a group setting, like the classic:

“Did you know your nose wiggles when you talk? It’s so cute” and then get all her friends to notice before moving on quickly with the conversation.

Also remember to only use harsh negs on girls who are a 9 or 10 in terms of beauty or think they are a 9 or 10. Remember the point of them.

Girls who are an 8 and below (or think they are an 8 and below) are more insecure; they will probably be hurt by negs and as a result they’ll dislike you for it i.e. close the door for further productive interaction.

It’s better to be safe than sorry with negs. They are NOT required to create attraction. They’re really just used to deflate a beautiful woman’s big head so she stops thinking she’s all that.

Below is a classic list of good pua negs to use. But remember what I said about being genuine.

If a woman doesn’t have an eye crusty and you say she does simply for the sake of negging you will look like a fool…busted.

1. Do you know your nose wiggles when you talk?

2. Eww you spit on me! (Brush off your face). This actually might be a little too harsh.

A better version of this neg would be to just brush your face off. You don’t have to say “you spit on me”, you can just flinch and brush off the “spit” that she spit on you.

She’ll catch on.

3. Take her hands and look at her nails. “I like your nails…are they real?”

4. “You have an interesting sense of humor.”

5. I like brunettes (she’s a blonde) or I like Asian girls (she’s a Latina) or I like tall women (she’s short)…you get the picture.

6. When she tries to touch you say “no touchy” in a playful manner

7. When you’re at a bar with her, ask her “you got your fake ID ready?” At this point she’ll probably laugh and maybe punch your arm. Take this opportunity to bust on her again. “Jeez, I was just looking out for you. I don’t think I’m going to hang out with you anymore.”

8. Say “Hmm your eyelashes flicker a lot.” Then follow up with “I think it’s working. I’m getting seduced ;-)” (have a sly, playful smile when saying this)

9. At a moment where she sounds even the slightest bit demanding, dramatically say to her friends “UGH, is your friend always this demanding?” (Note: be careful with this one, if you deliver it poorly it can backfire)

10. If she accidentally or deliberately rolls her eyes at you – call her out on it by saying (while giving a playful smile), “Did you just roll your eyes at me you little punk?” Then put your hands up like you’re going to fight her.

11. This next one is somewhat like the “UGH you’re so demanding” one above.” Say she asks you to buy you a drink or do something else for her in a somewhat demanding, whiny or otherwise annoying way. Tell her – “Uh not with that attitude!” (Do this while smiling and then putting your palm up facing towards her as if telling her to stop)

12. Pull her towards you in a big bear hug and say we’re going to be great friends. (Keyword here is the “friends” part)

13. Man I don’t think we’d ever get along. We think too much alike.

14. If she touches you or accidently touches you, say to her – “nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh – hands off the merchandise lady.”

15. When she does something cool or compliment worthy say – “I have taught you well young grasshopper”

16. When she does something silly. Say – “You’re such a goofball!”


The bottom line with using negs effectively is to not forget the purpose of it. Remember, the whole point of using them is to:

  • Differentiate yourself from most of the guys who suck up to her, view her as the prize, and compliment her in any way possible
  • To lower the defensive wall that most women have when they first talk to a guy
  • Shrink the woman’s ego a little bit so that you can have an effective conversation
  • Make her feel the need to win you over
  • Inject playfulness into the interaction

There has been a ton of debate around the usefulness of a pua neg. Some say that it backfires frequently and others rave about it. It all depends on who you’re interacting with and also your delivery of it (your tone of voice, body language, etc.)

Many negs really walk the fine line between a tease and an insult so that’s why there’s the possibility of them backfiring. Also, less attractive girls have smaller and more fragile egos so using harsher ones on them usually end up hurting their feelings.

Some general rules of thumb to follow to avoid trouble whiling using negs:

  1. If you’re going to use a harsher one, use them on really, really hot girls (their egos can take it)
  2. Use more playful and subtle ones like number #4 and #16 (see above) to err on the safe side. They can be as equally effective as the harsher ones in most cases. The harsher ones kind of just show that you have bigger balls (useful when talking to really hot women with boulder sized egos)
  3. Have fun when you’re delivering them. Yes – for some of them you need to fake a “straight/serious face” to make it funny but the overall mood/tone of the conversation needs to have a playful feel to it. This is how you’ll avoid mis-communicating the neg as an insult.

I hope this article serves you well. Now get out there and test it all out!

P.S. Readers frequently email me asking me if there is a comprehensive course that teaches you the entire attraction and seduction process from start to finish. The one I recommend the most is this one right here.

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