The Art of Approaching Review

Hey guys, I felt compelled to write this review because I just read the book again and I think it would be really helpful to you to know more about this resource.

The Art of Approaching by Joseph Matthew is one of the first books on dating that I read. In fact, I am still a subscriber to his email newsletter all these years later. (I subscribed around 5 years ago).

Obviously, if you are thinking about buying this book you know that approaching a girl and starting a conversation is really nerve-wracking and one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.

This is how I felt when I bought his book all those years back. There are so many other resources for attracting and seducing a girl but they all seem to breeze over the initial approach and start of an interaction.

That’s why I want you to know about this resource. I actually don’t think I’ve seen another better training for mastering the approach than with Joseph Matthew’s “The Art of Approaching”.

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Joseph Matthews wrote ‘The Art of Approaching’ almost 10 years ago!

Since then he has updated and revised the book several times to keep up to date on what he has learned but to be honest the original copy is pretty damn good without any of the revisions.

It breakdowns the approach, starting conversations, and creating an attractive first impression in minute detail.

A Sneak Peak

He gives step by step instructions on how to approach women and why you need to do it his way.

He goes over where the best places to approach women are, the words to use, how to get over your nervousness, turning rejection around, displaying attractive body language, casual openers, situational openers and quite a few more topics.

It’s really in depth and leaves no stone unturned. The only other book I can think of that can match the depth “approach game” education is “Magic Bullets” by Nick Savoy.

Okay now this all said, this book is really for the beginners who have not mastered the approach yet.

If you can already approach women without fear, you are probably more advanced and may find the book a little elementary.

But anyone who hasn’t mastered the approach yet should not kid themselves and overlook this book.

It’s a very practical resource that you will more than likely reference to many, many times even in the future.

An Unexpected Bonus

Beyond all the practical advice on approaching Joseph Matthews (who by the way is also known as Thundercat) also included what I found as an unexpected bonus.

In fact it’s something that really stuck out to me: his story. I thought this is really relevant because it gave me a ton of hope when I first started out.

The truth is, Joe is not exactly a good looking guy (apologies Joe).

In fact, he shares how he went from being a guy that stayed in on Friday night masturbating to “Three’s Company”s Susan Summers all the way to becoming one of the most well known pickup artists in the community, getting with unbelievably hot women including a Playboy Playmate. (I actually still remember the picture he sent me.)


In conclusion if you ever felt rooted to the floor as you saw a hot woman walk by then this is definitely a book for you. The only exception is if you are now an advanced pick up artist which in that case it’s your call.

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